Donate products and services

Could your company help in the fight against leukaemia as part of its day-to-day work?

Then this is a good choice. Your company can dedicate hours of their employees to offer us a service without cost or donate products as a gesture of solidarity. Pro bono work is the assignment of qualified staff for advising in the areas of company performance. The donation of products refers to the transfer or donation of products or goods. Some examples are:

  • Legal, technological or other kind of advising
  • Advertising space cession
  • Training for workers
  • Transfer of facilities for acts or events
  • Other services or products

These ways to collaborate allow the Foundation to save costs, letting us allocate more resources for our work in projects to fight against leukemia. Every collaboration is important to us and we want to hear from you. Many companies have already offered to the Foundation this form of collaboration. What could you do?

In order to talk personally about it, please contact Belen Roldan, head of Corporate Alliances: 93 414 55 66 /

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