Donation process

The final decision regarding the suitability of the donor rests with the doctor who will carry out the transplant, taking into account the physical state of the patient, etc. If REDMO's proposed donor is deemed to be a suitable match then the application form of the donor's request is completed with a proposal of possible dates and other relevant aspects, with respect to obtaining, conserving and transporting the stem cells.

The Registry subsequently agrees the details with the donor and arranges a medical consultation. If the donor is Spanish, then the REDMO will manage this step. Upon the receipt of the medical examination results, if the donor is found to be in a suitable condition and they reaffirm their commitment to the process, the transplant centre will begin to prepare the patient.

If the donor is foreign, some registries including REDMO offer the transplant hospital with the option of an external courier service in order to transport the bone marrow to its destination. Every import of hematopoietic progenitors must receive permission from the Ministry of Health in order for the cells to enter the country.

Following the donation, REDMO continues to monitor the progress of the patient for a period of time.

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