Fernando, leukaemia patient

Fernando is 16 months old. In January 2012, Leticia and Pablo, his parents, took him to the hospital to run some tests, for Fernando wasn't getting any better from the anaemia he suffered. His parents explain: "They admitted him at the paediatric oncology floor, without knowing yet what our child had. Seeing that reality of sick children seemed tough and unfair. Days later and after many tests they gave us the diagnosis: Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukaemia."

In June, Fernando underwent a bone marrow transplant, thanks to an anonymous donor which the José Carreras Foundation found for him.

His parents have been explaining their experience through their blog "Fernando necesita médula".

Today, Fernando is feeling much better. They have been able to go back to their house in Bilbao, but every 15 days they have to come back to the Vall d'Hebron Hospital, in Barcelona, where they are treating him, for his regular check-ups.

We decided to go see him and his family during one of his visits to Barcelona, at the Casa dels Xuklis, where they stay every time they come to Barcelona.

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