Finance a project

Your company can sponsor a specific project. Like this, you can support us in the way best aligned with the objectives of your company.

Some examples of projects which your company can finance are:

  • Raising awareness campaigns
    Respond to a universal objective that feeds into other projects: raise awareness about leukaemia within society and inform others about the work of the José Carreras Foundation in order to expand our presence and the number of our associates and donors. The success of the Campaigns is proportional to the support we have for design and advertising in media. For this reason, the role of companies who want to express their commitment and partnership in the fight against leukemia is crucial.
  • Research support
    Research is the only way of finding a definitive cure for leukaemia and that is why it is the Foundation's main objective. Your company can link its contribution to this field of work of the José Carreras Foundation, what will let us fund grants. Read more.
  • Patient care 
    Leukaemia patients and their families are the reason for the effort we direct towards their wellbeing and cure. Because of this, we are always listening to them and caring for them and have made our six apartments available for their use. Your company, for example, could partly fund the costs associated to the maintenance of these apartments. Read more.
  • Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute
    This Institute will be the first center in Spain and one of the few in the world focused exclusively in research on hematological malignancies. It will become a center of international reference which will be based in our country. You can help fund this project, ambitious but necessary. Read more.

For more information, contact Belen Roldán, head of Corporate Alliances, who will attend you personally: 93 414 55 66 /

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