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Fitness tips for patients

The muscles in our body are easily prone to deterioration when we are inactive. For this reason, it is important that the patient tries to keep his physical activity to a maximum.

To achieve this, it is recommended that they undertake a series of gentle exercises every day and, whenever possible, get up and walk about; although patients frequently need to rest, it is much better to make a little effort, since by walking, their body as a whole will benefit from exercise, their circulation will improve and their environment will change.

It is extremely important that family members get involved, encouraging the patient and reminding them of the importance of exercise, while motivating them to get better, since their energy levels will vary from day to day.

Bear in mind that the situation of every patient is different and the exercises, both in terms of intensity and the number of repetitions (between 10 and 15, as a suggestion) will need to be varied for each individual. If it is not possible to do them every day, they can be done on alternate days, although always keeping the patient active.

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