Global System

"Global system is a centre dedicated to professional training.  We run professional courses in a range of areas including preparation for a wide variety of examinations at both state and local level.  We offer you the training you need to find the job you desire.

Our objective is to respond to the individual needs of every one of our students so we provide teaching materials developed specifically to meet their targets, and a series of combined services that help us meet the ultimate goal: tutoring, classes, mock exams, placements and also we help you to find work with our Data Base of Professionals.

Global System treat every commitment as unique.  In that sense, the preservation of the environment, and the integration and collaboration with humanitarian projects are an obligation for us.  Global System donates 0.7% of its profits to international cooperation, in addition to its active collaboration with the José Carreras Foundation, help to raise awareness of the charity amongst its students and staff". 

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