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Grants and projects funded

Before the launch of the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC), the José Carreras Foundation Against Leukaemia, along with the international headquarters in Germany, United States and Switzerland, had already provided more than € 200 millions for scientific research and infrastructure support, financing more than 1.000 projects. 

The Josep Carreras Foundation in Germany has provided € 600,000 of financing for a collaborative project between the Programme for the Study of Malign Hemopathies (PETHEMA) and German Multicenter Trials (GMALL). This project, directed by Dr José Mª Ribera, Head of the Haematology Service at the Catalan Oncology Institute at the Clinical University in Frankfurt, was focussed on optimising therapies for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, the most common form of the disease amongst children. This joint project was undertaken in more than 40 hospitals in Spain and more than 100 in Germany.

The Foundation also has provided funds for a clinical research professorship through its presence in the United States. The professorship was located in the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle, was named Josep Carreras / E. Donnall Thomas, and had a value of US$1,000,000. Prof. Thomas was the world's first scientist to undertake a bone marrow transplant, a treatment which now saves thousands of leukaemia patients every year, and he headed the Josep Carreras Foundation in the United States until his death. His honourable efforts earned him the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1990.

Josep Carreras - E.D. Thomas Post Doctoral Fellowship

From 1990 to 2015, the Josep Carreras Foundation offered the international grant E.D. Thomas / Josep Carreras aimed at young researchers in order to promote the careers of notable scientists that focused their research on a project to develop new knowledge about leukemia and other haemathological diseases and their treatments. In 25 years, the Josep Carreras Foundations offered 28 E.D Thomas E.D. / Josep Carreras grants with a total invested amount of over US$ 4 million.

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Josep Carreras - EHA Young Investigator Fellowship

From 2000 until 2015, the European Hematology Association (EHA) offered a biennial scholarship for young European haematologists sponsored by the José Carreras Foundation against leukemia. The three Josep Carreras Foundations established in Europe (Spain, Germany and Switzerland) were the co-financing of this project to boost the careers of young promises of haematology. In all these years, the Josep Carreras Foundations have awarded more than €1.2 million through these grants.

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Spanish Grant Fundació Josep Carreras

Between 1993 and 2010 the Josep Carreras Foundation also awarded an annual scholarship for young researchers in Spain the amount of which, all the year, was €570,000.

Teaching: Farreras-Valentí Program

The "Farreras Valentí Program" had born with the idea to promote and support the faculty in the field of haematology and as a consequence of the merger between the José Carreras Foundation against leukaemia and the Farreras Valentí Haematology School Foundation. 

Although the Farreras Valentí Haematology School Foundation was founded in 1988, its origins date back to 1957. In that year, Professor Pedro Pons created the Professional school of Haematology, to establish a field of excellence for professionals devoted to the comprehensive and specialist care of haematology patients in the Clínic Hospital in Barcelona. In recognition of the task at hand, Dr. Pedro Pons delegated the management of the school to Dr. Farreras Valentí, who was the true leader of the field from that point on. In 1969, after the sudden death of Dr. Farreras, his successor as the director of the school, Dr. Ciril Rozman, sought official recognition of the "Farreras Valentí Professional Haematology School" through the Ministry of Education and Science. A year later, the "Farreras Valentí Haematology School board" was established, comprising of many distinguished members of the Barcelona social elite, including friends of the late Dr. Farreras, and medical professionals. The board was created in order to bridge the gap between civil society and the "Farreras Valentí Professional Haematology School" and later formed the nucleus for the Foundation.

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