Heavy chain disease

What are heavy chain diseases and who do they affect?

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Types of diseases of the heavy chains

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Alpha Chain Disease: Seligman's Disease

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Gamma-Chain Disease: Franklin's Disease

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Mu-chain disease: Strong's disease

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For more information, the following web pages can be consulted:

Disease of the heavy chains. Clinical Analysis Service. Hospital SVS Vega Baja Orihuela

Support and help

If you have some type of disease of the heavy chains or the patient is a family member, you can access the Josep Carreras Foundation Patient and Patient Forum (in Spanish), a group of people who support and advise to live this situation in the best possible way. You can access the forum from here.

If you live in Spain, you can also contact us by sending an email to comunicacio@fcarreras.es so that we help you to get in touch with other people who have overcome this disease.

You can also check other interesting links here.

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