Help us raise awareness

A company's greatest value can be found in its human capital, all of the people with which it is involved internally and externally.

Your company or organization could make a valuable contribution to our work of raising awareness and campaign diffusion in a very simple way: by making use of internal/external communication tools to help raise awareness of the fight against leukaemia.

There are many ways to spread information and help our campaigns for raising awareness, always tailored to the channels that the company can put at our disposal, and personalized proposals in each case:

Giving opportunities for communication and external dissemination and advertising: online and offline on media of your own or managed by the company.

Post content in your own communication channels (for employees, customers, suppliers): in the newsletter, intranet, corporate magazine or other media.

For more information, contact Belen Roldán, head of Corporate Alliances, who will attend you personally: 93 414 55 66 /

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