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Fund a project

Your company could become associated with one of the projects, or lines of research, being carried out by the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Foundation, adding your strength and resources to ours with shared aims and values.

Some examples of the projects companies might like to participate in are:

Awareness-raising campaign

This is a cross-the-board aim which feeds into all the other projects and consists of raising people's awareness about leukaemia and disseminating information about the work of the Josep Carreras Foundation in order to widen our social base and increase the number of partners and donors. The success of the campaigns is proportional to the support we receive in terms of design and media coverage. That is why the role of companies who wish to demonstrate their commitment and alliance in this way to the fight against leukaemia is of such key importance. Find out about our campaigns.

Patient care

Leukaemia patients and their families are at the core of our work, with regard to both their wellbeing as well as to finding a cure for them. We listen carefully to what they say and we make our reception apartments available to them. Your company could, for example, assume some of the costs involved in maintaining these apartments. Find out more about our social programmes.

Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute

The IJC is the first centre in Spain, and one of the few in the world, to focus exclusively on research into malignant blood diseases. It is an international biomedical centre without precedent and it employs the most innovative technologies to try and get the upper hand in the battle against leukaemia. You could help us fund this project, a project that is as ambitious as it is necessary. + info

Become a partner company

Forming part of the Josep Carreras Foundation's Partner Company Scheme is a way of forming a long-term alliance in the fight against leukaemia. It is a long-lasting strategic link and a hallmark of social commitment.

There are various possible alliances in our organisation's Partner Company Scheme, which has three levels of collaboration starting with a contribution of €125 per month (€1,500 per annum).

Being part of the Partner Company Scheme enables companies to announce their commitment to finding a cure for leukaemia, not only to the general public, but also to their staff, their suppliers, their shareholders and others. If they so wish, the Josep Carreras Foundation provides these companies with the possibility of receiving special recognition and of publicising their solidarity in a number of different ways. The Foundation provides companies with a digital badge for use on their websites, and a diploma accrediting the signing of the cooperation agreement between the company and the Foundation.

If you would like your company to join the Partner Company Scheme, you can ask for more information here [email protected] or by calling us on (+34) 93 414 55 66.

If you would like to collaborate with a smaller or occasional contribution you can do so HERE.

There are times during the year when giving a present can also be an act ofsolidarity with your customers and workers. Such special occasions as Christmas, or a special event, birthday or celebration at your company could be the opportunity for showing your commitment to helping to fight leukaemia. An occasion to remember that together we are unstoppable in our efforts to defeat this disease. Here are some ideas for such special occasions. If you like, most of our products can be personalised with your company's logo.

Although at first sight it looks as if is just a box, when you open it you realise it is much more than that. When your gift is a solidarity box it is as if you have made a donation to our Foundation and your gift is really a gesture of solidarity. Everyone who receives one is supporting scientific research, helping to locate the most compatible bone marrow donors, or helping to provide social services and care to patients. If you would like to make a company order please contact [email protected]

We have a large number of such items. They are ideal for promoting the loyalty of your employees and suppliers. They have been specially devised so that you can enhance your loyalty scheme, company Christmas presents or gifts for any other event with a touch of solidarity. All the funds raised through the sale of these products go to the Foundation's #imparablescontralaleucemia programmes. So, as well as acquiring a product with our badge, you are also helping us progress so that, one day, leukaemia will be a disease that is curable in 100% of cases. Visit the shop to see what other items are on sale

Get your team involved

A company consists of the PEOPLE who work in it and together they can go far in pursuit of any goal.

There are lots of advantages to be had when a company and its employees are involved together in projects promoting solidarity with causes like ours. It strengthens people's sense of belonging, it generates feelings of personal and collective satisfaction, it increases employees' motivation and internal cohesion and it encourages a culture of solidarity.

At the Josep Carreras Foundation we welcome initiatives by companies and their employees and we offer our assistance in every way we can.

You can encourage your employees' involvement in many different ways, and we are always ready to listen to new proposals. Here are some possible options:

Awareness raising for employees through internal communication channels

Have you ever considered just how many internal channels and spaces your company has that could be used to amplify the message about the fight against leukaemia? The intranet, emails, noticeboards, the reception hall and announcements.There are so many ways of informing your employees about the Foundation's work and the importance of bone marrow donation. You only have to think of something and propose it to us. We are all ears!

Matching gift programmes

The community a company consists of is, like society itself, made up by people who have their own concerns and pressing issues. It is therefore probable that your employees have heard about the fight against leukaemia, and possibly from close quarters. Do you know what their concerns are? Would you like to suggest to them that they might make a donation towards a social project? If it is important for your employees to raise funds for the fight against leukaemia we are sure that knowing your company supports their efforts is important too. So we would propose that your company offers to match any funds raised by your employees to help fund a project. Or you could offer to make a donation if a certain challenge is achieved. There are many ways to go about it.

Company fund-raising events

Organising a fund-raising event that involves your staff can be an incredible team-building exercise. It means people working together for a common aim, and they can see how the company is also involved in helping for a good cause. It can bring people close together and can boost staff motivation. There are so many possibilities: sports competitions; conferences; cultural events; workshops and many more. Have a look at the options on our website and when you have made your mind up, please contact us.

1 euro from the payslip

It costs more than €1 for a cup of coffee. But one euro per employee? Surely we are talking about a larger amount, an amount that, if collected every month, could lead to BIG CHANGES. So one way of supporting us would be for your company to have a system whereby employees can choose to donate €1 from their monthly salary towards the fight against leukaemia. If you do not have the means in place to organise this, that is not a problem. It can be organised through the Teaming platform. It is very easy.

Social Marketing

Your products and services can also publicise your commitment

Your company could offer products and services linked to the alliance with the Josep Carreras Foundation in a way which benefits the fight against leukaemia. It is a win-win relationship in which both parties declare their commitment and receive a benefit in return. Campaigns of this kind have been held with brands such as Norit, Mattel and Vichy Catalan amongst others.

How to implement a social marketing campaign

Collaborating with the Josep Carreras Foundation is a way of affirming your company's social responsibility and solidarity be it through your products, promotions, fund-raising events or by sponsoring the Foundation's campaigns.

Companies that are involved in this kind of marketing in support of the Foundation benefit through improved public image, customer estimation and staff motivation because there is added value in working for, or buying products from, a company that donates a part of its profits to good causes, such as the fight against leukaemia. Please contact us and we will find the best way to coordinate our aims.

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