Ignacia Gimeno Carreras

Ignacia was born in the back room of the dairy that her father managed in the high part of Barcelona.

She was the 4th of five siblings and of all them she was the most interested in the family business. She enjoyed being behind the counter and she dealt well with the customers. In addition, she demonstrated that she was a good administrator, and that she had the temperament and management skills for the work. These abilities led Ignacia to harvest the dream that one day she might develop a business of her own. When she got married she opened a dry cleaning business with her husband that grew over the years to include a chain of shops dedicated to cleaning clothes. With no children they both focused 100% on the business and Ignacia was meticulous in her role as the coordinator of the smooth running of the shops, she left no room for error. She demonstrated a strong and energetic character in her dealings with employees which could lead to complete generosity if it was deserved.

It was a happy time for the pair, who would often undertake trips around Europe during the holidays. They both enjoyed to eat well and they would regularly visit top restaurants. Ignacia was a woman of simple tastes, she was neither mundane nor vain and above all she enjoyed to be at home, cooking and sewing, which were her favourite past times. She liked to spend her savings on antiques or on one of a numerous collection of porcelain miniatures that adorned her home.

When she turned seventy, her world fell apart. Her husband decided to leave her and they sold the apartment and the business. She became very lonely with only her loyal poodle for company, so she decided to move to Gelida to be close to her brothers. She amused herself by sewing, tending the garden and cooking large meals for family occasions. She passed life in the way until she grew old. Of her brothers, one had died, one suffered from Alzheimer's, another lived outside of Spain and the youngest, with whom she was closest, was also ill. The fate of her brothers persuaded her niece, Marta, to encourage her to move to a residence in the local area. At first, Ignacia did not like the idea but eventually she accepted with her niece recalling that "she was 82 when she moved to the residence, and she filled her room with her furniture and memories. She enjoyed a sea view from the terrace which she filled with flowers. Well taken care of and always with company, her final years were happy once more. The change could be seen on her face". Her niece also recalls the numerous times that Ignacia had talked about her will. She wanted to give part of her assets to a foundation and it was her niece that suggested the José Carreras International Foundation. Marta had recently lived through a personal experience with a close friend who had been cured thanks to the Foundation's work and she described the importance of the Foundation to her aunt. On this suggestion Ignacia decided that the José Carreras Foundation would be the best place for her inheritance.

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