Immunohematology and Glyobiology

Lead researcher: Dr. Fumi Yamamoto

Dr Yamamoto focuses his research on the role of blood types in different clinical situations. Dr Yamamoto, who received his doctorate at the Osaka City University (Japan), has dedicated the better part of his career to the study of the molecular basis of ABO blood types. After joining the IJC, Dr Yamamoto has redirected his expertise in this field and in the field of glycobiology towards the study of malignant haemopaties. For exemple, matching of ABO blood groups is fundamental for safe blood transfusion. Because A and B antigens may also be expressed on other types of cells than red blood cells, the ABO matching is also important in the transplantation of cells/tissues/organs. Dr Yamamoto has received many prizes and is known around the world for his research in the essential field of biology of blood.

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Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute - Immunohematology and Glycobiology

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