"My name is Inma Legaz.  I am 46 years old and I am married with two children who are 16 years old and 19 years old.  Until the 9th April 2010 I didn't even know where the local medical centre was and I never suffered from colds or even needed to take aspirins.

Paciente Inma 2

However, I started to feel tired, lost weight, and began to notice bruises but I thought my clumsiness was to blame for them.  Despite feeling like this I didn't have time to go to the doctor.  Finally it took for my husband to book me an appointment in the medical centre and force me to go.

That is where it all started.  An analysis, and a few hours later a call to work tell me to go urgently to the Hospital emergency room.  It wasn't necessary to carry out many tests as the diagnosis was clear: acute leukaemia.

It was like a strong slap, one which you are not expecting.  But what hurts the most is when you think about your husband, your children and your family.  I can say that the very few times that I was down, I could count on their love and support.  Above all I had someone by my side who I swear was suffering more than I was; José, my husband.  You could say that we were both admitted to the hospital.

Three cycles of chemo with all its side effects, a setback, the hope of two possible donors, that in the end turned out not to be and the long days of being in hospital all passed.  However, I thank God that on the 4th floor of the Navarra Hospital, there is a team of true professionals, more than that, they are true angels.

Finally, a donor was found in Holland.  In October 2010, I underwent the transplant.  Now, after one year, everything is going OK.

It has been a tough experience but it is one which teaches you to LIVE, and to value everything from another point of view.  It didn't make me love my family more but it made realize just how much I really love them and how much they love me and need me.

I would love to connect with everyone who is going through something similar to give them strength, hope, and faith to believe that everything will be OK.  Warm regards to all.

Thank God for the Foundation and all the staff on the 4th floor of the Navarra Hospital."


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