Joan Vilardaga

Message from Joan Vilardaga, a 63 year old Multiple Myeloma patient who stayed in the Foundation's flat close to the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital in Badalona in December 2010.

Libro de visitas Joan Vilardaga

Transcript of the message:

"Barcelona, 29th of December 2010" 
The Vilardaga Santaeularia family want to deeply thank the José Carreras Foundation for the treatment we have received from all the Foundation's members throughout our time spent in hospital. 
In such hard moments for a family, it is wonderful that the Foundation recognizes the difficulties and helps with the provision of a flat. To all the contributors to the Foundation, Thank you! 
We send our warmest regards to the future occupants of this flat and we encourage them to stay strong. We have to keep fighting against this disease!"

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