Joel's testimony

The donation of bone marrow and the testimony of ex-patient Joel on Els Matins de TV3

Entrevista Joel 1

Joel is a nine year old, ex-bone marrow aplasia patient from Cambrils (Tarragona).  In order to beat the disease he needed to undergo a bone marrow transplant but his twin brother, Ivan, was not compatible unfortunately.  In February 2010, the José Carreras Foundation was able to locate a non-related german donor who was compatible with Joel. 

As a result of this case, the leading catalan morning programme "Els Matins de TV3", has given us the opportunity to raise awareness of bone marrow donation.  The director of the José Carreras Foundation's Bone Marrow Donor's Registry (REDMO), Dr. Enric Carreras, also participated in the programme.

You can see the programme HERE (in catalan)

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Did you know that you could save a life without any risk to yourself by becoming a bone marrow donor?  Are you aware that a donation is vitally important to patients like Joel and there are not enough bone marrow donors in the world?  Did you know that 3 out of every 4 patients that need a transplant do not have a compatible family member?  Did you know that the José Carreras Foundation manages the Spanish Bone Marrow Donor's Registry?

Find out more information about the donation of bone marrow HERE 

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