Let’s beat this nasty bug…


Jordi, during his treatment, with his eldest daughter

"This story starts one morning in September 2005. Feeling a little tired and weak, I lay my newborn daughter down to rest after her bottle, but this day promised to be a happy one with my eldest daughter beginning her first day at junior school. However, the day ended with me in the hospital with a diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

At that moment your world turns upside down, you do not know anything about the disease (like most people) and your family doesn't know anything. Together with my wife and without telling my daughters I began to form a plan. There are so many thoughts at one time.

When I decided to tell my eldest daughter she said "Daddy, we are going to beat this nasty bug that you've got".

Time went by and I have to admit that everything went very well, and after a month of chemo, without fully their understanding their significance I heard the words, "full remission". I felt so happy!

Thereafter, came the hospital visits for the rest of the sessions, which was a long road but I learnt to value many things in my day to day life; things that I had not thought about before. Above all other things, I owe an awful lot to my colleagues who are also fighting the disease, with whom I shared many hours in the hospital.

I would like to especially thank Blai, because thanks to him I learnt about this page and he always used to tell me that the doctors were merely applying more serum, haha!

But time passed...time; a word we know so well but it has taken on a new meaning...

Time. I will never have enough to be able to thank all the doctors, nurses, and auxiliaries at La Fe Hospital in Valencia, and my wife and family, who were by my side during some difficult and delicate moments. But above all, I don't want a minute to be wasted in the attempt to find more bone marrow donors so that all those who are suffering from a haematological disease do not lose the hope that more and more of them will beat this illness.

Jordi, nowadays, with his youngest daughter

My plans? Well they started the first day of the disease and there haven't been any more to add; simply I want to see my girls grow up and to be with them for every moment I can, although I have realized that this also takes time.

Thank you everyone and Good luck!


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