José Manuel Da Silva

Message from José Manuel Da Silva, 54 year old Myelodysplastic Syndrome patient from Andorra. Resided in the flat close to Clinic Hospital in Barcelona.

Libro de visitas josé manuel da silva

Transcript of the message:

"27th of May 2011. Today we are leaving after being in this flat for 10 months. 10 months of happiness and tears, and feeling just like home. Thank you very much for allowing us to feel so comfortable within these walls which has helped to overcome this difficult period in our lives. I would like to thank the José Carreras Foundation and wish them success in their fight. Thank you to Esther Soto (the welfare flat officer at the Foundation) for all her care and support during this time. I want to give my support to those who follow me in staying here. The journey is tough but the sun always comes out. Lots of love and huge thanks".

José Manuel Da Silva and Esther Carpio

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