Josefa Pidemunt Pons

Advanced for her time, active, educated, and capable is how many lovingly remember Josefa Pidemunt.

She was a loyal woman with many clear ideas, she was a faithful friend and although she was quite austere with herself, she was always generous with others.

Josefa was born on the 7th of August 1910 in Barcelona. She was the daughter of a successful specialist cabinet maker and was educated in El Colegio de las Dominicas de la Presentación. She was the second of four siblings in a family that enjoyed a comfortable economic wellbeing. However, the death of her youngest sister rocked the family so much so that her father passed away two years later. These events marked a distinct shift in the lives of Josefa and her siblings, who passed into the sole care of their mother. Josefa's mother was an authoritarian woman who was both hard and strict and lived to a very old age. Josefa and her sister María remained single as they cared for their mother until she passed away. They both shared the work, with Maria focusing on the house chores and Josefa on the administration of the country houses that the family owned. In addition, Josefa continued to supervise the running of her father's workshop.

Josefa was not made for housework and she failed to complete her studies, but it was not due to a lack of ability. She spoke French and drove her own car, she loved the sun and swimming in the sea and she also enjoyed music with the tenor José Carreras being one of her favourites. At one point she enrolled in a gym where she ended up being a volunteer teacher. When she grew older, having lost her remaining brothers, she was supported by those who she could trust. Through fear of losing her mental capacity as the years went by Josefa organised her inheritance quite carefully. She decided to split her assets between several foundations (the José Carreras International Foundation was among those she wanted to support), and between those people who had been by her side throughout her whole life.

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