Josep Carreras, awarded with the German Sustainability Award 2012

Josep Carreras receives one of the special awards of the German Sustainability Award in Düsseldorf (Germany)

The German Sustainability Awards are celebrated every year since 2008 and they are an initiative from the German Sustainability Award Foundation, in collaboration with the federal German Government, the German Council for Sustainable Development, several professional associations, non-governmental organizations and research centres.

This award, renowned in Germany, intends to encourage businesses, organizations and municipalities to operate sustainably and contribute to raising awareness of the principles of solidarity and sustainable development, and to thank several figures who have dedicated part of their life to working for a charitable cause.

Special awards, such as the one which the tenor Josep Carreras is receiving this year 2012, are awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to a worthy and sustainable, both nationally and internationally, cause. In previous editions, celebrities such as actress and activist Jane Fonda and singer Annie Lennox have been awarded. This year, Lord Norman Foster and Claudia Cardinale, among others, also receive this award.

The tenor Josep Carreras will fully assign the award, 30,000€, to the José Carreras Foundation in Germany.

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