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Josep Carreras, President

In July 1987, José Carreras was, professionally and personally, at his peak. He was acclaimed in all the opera houses of the world and his voice thrilled both critics and audience. When it seemed that nothing could interrupt this life of success, leukaemia crossed his path.

Once he overcame the disease in 1988, he created the José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation with the desire to return to science and society all the affection received and with the strong commitment to fight with all his strength and will to make leukaemia, someday, curable.

Since then, along with his professional activities, he presides with enthusiasm and dedication the Foundation established in Barcelona and international headquarters in USA, Switzerland and Germany. This work is now undoubtedly one of its top priorities.

Josep Carreras has made available to the fight against leukaemia his artistic talent and worldwide recognition. This determination has helped raise funds for the cause by offering over 200 concerts and recitals worldwide and actively participating in awareness campaigns.

The Foundation and its international headquarters share a mission but also a way to get inspired by the commitment of its founder, chaired by the rigor and the desire to endure the fight until there is a cure for leukaemia always and in all cases.

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