Josep Carreras, President

In July 1987 Josep Carreras was at the height of his career, acclaimed throughout the world's opera houses, his voice resonating with critics and general public alike. Just when it seemed that nothing could interrupt this marvellous course, he suffered a terrible blow: leukaemia.

After overcoming the disease, the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Foundation was founded in 1988, with the aim of returning to science and society all the help and affection he had received, and with the firm determination and will to make every possible effort to vanquish the disease one day.

Since then, in addition to his professional activities, he has presided over the Foundation, established in Barcelona, and its affiliates in the United States of America, Switzerland and Germany, with great dedication and enthusiasm. Today this task is, without doubt, one of his most important priorities.

Josep Carreras has placed his artistic talents, and the international recognition he enjoys around the world, at the service of the fight against leukaemia. His determination has raised funds for the Foundation's cause with the performance of more than 200 concerts and recitals around the world, as well as actively participating in advertising and awareness-raising campaigns.

The Foundation, and its sister organisations in the countries where they are established, share the same mission, and what they also have in common is a way of doing things that is inspired by their founder's commitment and dedication, guided by rigour and the will to never stop until leukaemia is a curable disease, always and in every case.

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