Josep Maria Riera Aragó's Graphic work

This portfolio contains an original lithograph by Josep Maria Riera Aragó. The edition was limited to 75 prints, numbered and signed by the artist, and printed using relief plates on 250gsm Arches paper in a total of seven colours.

It also includes a thank you note signed by José Carreras and a written presentation by Conchita Oliver of the Association of Art Critics. It measures 53,5x70 cm.

Josep Maria Riera i Aragó was born in Barcelona in 1954. He studied at the Higher Institute of Fine Art in Barcelona and has dedicated his career both to painting and sculpture.

His work has been presented in collective exhibitions surveying the contemporary artistic scene in Catalonia and he has also shown his work at a number of important individual exhibitions such as the "Eppur si muove" exhibition at the Joan Miró Foundation (Barcelona, 1984) and, more recently, in the modern art museams Colliure and Céret.

He has also created sculptures for public spaces such as the "Gran avió d'helix vermella" (Sant Cugat del Vallès) or the untitled Bas-relief for the campus of the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

In his work, Riera i Aragó recreates a world of machines and contraptions laced with humour and which occasionally evokes a certain poignancy, reminding us of the machines depicted in 19th century works of science fiction. In this manner he criticises the irrationality of the way in which people were dazzled by the machine as a symbol of progress, a phenomenon that has remained omnipresent in the 20th century.

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