Juana Moreno Villalba

Born in Lubrín, Almería, the first years of Juana's life were spent in this beautiful Andalucian town; surrounded by caring neighbours and with completely dedicated parents.

She was an only child and the only granddaughter on both sides, which meant that her birth signified a major event in her small family.

Juana was still a child when her father was received the offer to work as the prisons officer in Valencia. After this move, Valencia would become the settled home of the family. Intelligent, very pretty and with a sweet and attractive nature, Juana found a good job in the Telephone Board where she eventually rose to become the head of a department. Her job in this company allowed her to be totally economically independent. Her passion for travelling and driving her own car took her to over half of Europe, and she remembered with special affection the audience she was awarded with the Pope. Her summers would often be spent in the town of her birth, Lubrín, where her family maintained a country house.

Before her father passed away her mother had died from leukaemia. She had always lived with her parents and cared for them until the end. The death of her parents left her quite lonely as she was single and had no direct family. She decided to move to a smaller apartment in a better part of the city and dedicated most of her time to her work and her circle of friends. When she retired, on her pension and the money left to her by her parents she continued to enjoy a whole range of activities. She was house proud, tidy and very organised with her things. She was friendly, caring and careful with her appearance. When she had to give up driving due to her age, she became accustomed to passing time in the residences of Telefónica with her friends. She would always return to the calmness of her flat from these trips with renewed energy.

Her luck changed when she suffered a brain hemorrage that left her disabled. It was her neighbours who helped her in the first moments and advised her that due to her state, the best thing might be to move to an elderly residence in the city. She had everything organised for the move when an Ecuadorian girl who worked in her house convinced her that it would be a mistake. Her neighbours explained that "it was a disaster; an end that she absolutely didn't deserve". They were witness to the exploitation and poor treatment to which Juana was exposed but they couldn't do anything to stop it. When, after many complications, they finally found a social worker to get involved and force her immediate transfer to a residence it was too late, Juana had died in complete misery the previous day.

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