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This is a message of love from Doris; the 22-year mother who resides in the USA, who has fought and continues to fight with all her might to save the life of her baby, Juliet, who is suffering from Severe combined immunodeficiency:

"I am a 22 year old mother and I was happy with my one year old baby when I received the worst call of my life: "you have to take your daughter to UCLA hospital immediately. Your daughter has a medical condition that she could die from if we do not treat her quickly.


Paciente Juliet 3

It was horrible. From that day she would be hospitalized for two weeks. After which we had to remain isolated from the family and the outside world in order for the doctors to apply intensive chemotherapy to Juliet. Once that was completed she was ready for a bone marrow transplant. This was the only way in which Juliet would live. As we didn't have a compatible donor for her in our family we had to wait until a donor was found in order to start everything.

Paciente Juliet
Juliet, with her mum Doris

She always had an enormous smile. It was all extremely difficult and there were times when I thought that she couldn't take any more but she always found a way to give me strength. Although she couldn't move, she continued fighting with a little smile and we spent hours and hours playing. She has had 2 operations, 4 anesthetics, 3 biopsies, 2 endoscopies, 2 colonoscopies, aspirations, blood and platelet transfusions, chemo and its affects, graft versus host disease in her intestines, and much more. We have overcome it all together (I say together because I have been at her side for every minute) and she is now 7 months old. We will continue fighting each battle until we win the war.

Paciente Juliet 4

This week we will leave the hospital. We are not 100% but it is a good start. Everyone told me that Juliet was lucky when they found out her date of birth (10/10/2010) but I asked "how that can be so if she is suffering so much?" Now I know it is true: she is more that lucky, she is a huge blessing. My baby, Juliet, is a miracle of life.

Paciente Juliet 2

Thanks to God, to the donor and everyone who has helped us in Juliet's recovery.
We will keep on fighting to the end".

Doris González

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