Launch of the search

The launch of the search refers to the start in earnest of the search process. The personal information of the patient is registered in the REDMO data base and sent directly to the international registry. Since 1995, the REDMO has formed a part of the global network of registries (EMDIS), which allows access to more than 17 million bone marrow donors and more than 500,000 umbilical cord blood units around the world*. Contact with countries that have a lower number of donors is carried out through fax or email.

The REDMO includes the data of all Spanish voluntary donors and manages a sophisticated search and comparison algorithm. It lists, in order from highest to lowest compatibility, all the potential Spanish donors and umbilical cord blood units with the patient in the search.

*You can consult the list of global registries at the Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide webpage:

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