Lianni, Acute Lymphoblastica Leukaemia patient

Lilian Patient

Lianni is 19 years old and at the moment she is in Barcelona recovering from a bone marrow transplant in one of the flats provided by the José Carreras Foundation.

Whilst playing with her nine year old brother Diego, Lianni had a small accident and hurt her elbows. After one week, it continued to hurt and she began to have a fever. Her family were astonished when she went to hospital and was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Lianni protested strongly against leaving her college but her teachers continued her pace with the rest of the students by coming and going from the hospital with homework, and exams etc. Once she recovered, after various chemotherapy sessions, Lianni resumed her normal routine and after finishing school she began to study dentistry. However, she wasn't able to start her 2nd course as she suffered a relapse.

At this point there was no other solution. The only hope of a cure was a transplant. As there was no compatible family member, Lianni was transferred to Barcelona where the Carreras Foundation found a voluntary bone marrow donor.

On the 5th March last year, in the Vall d'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona, Lianni underwent the transplant and now 6 months later; her only thought is to return home. She will still have to stay a couple of months more with her aunt in the Carreras Foundation flat, but in November she will probably return home.

Her plans are to continue her degree in dentistry, to study a masters, to travel as much as possible, and to do all the things she couldn't do during the past few years.

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