Lizbeth, ex-acute lymphoblastic leukaemia patient

"Hello, my name is Lizbeth, I am 23 years old, I work at the police department and I am from Arequipa, Peru. On April 26th 2011 I was admitted in the hospital for I had very low haemoglobin. Later they gave me the diagnosis: Type B acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Since then, I had to get chemotherapy. At the beginning it affected me a lot, for I couldn't understand why this was happening to me. I asked myself: Why me? Nonetheless, inside me a voice said: don't worry, everything will pass, this will only be a sad memory. It hurt so much to see my family cry that every time they came to the hospital to visit me I tried to smile and not worry them more.

We clanged to our Heavenly Father and I think that, since then, we are more relaxed. Every month I had to be admitted for chemotherapy. Then when I was in complete remission of the disease, they gave me a glimmer of hope, a bone marrow transplant. Thankfully, one of my brothers was 100% compatible with me. It was incredible, like I was dreaming but it was real. The problem was that in my country there was only one hospital that performed transplants and it was in the capital. Besides, the cost of the transplant was too expensive, so my family started to process the documentation with the police department hospital so that they could bear all costs of transplantation. It was a very long process. It lasted a long time, while I waited, I had to continue receiving chemotherapy. Every time I was more concerned because the doctors told me I needed the transplant as soon as possible. It was a joy to know that the documentation was over and that I could undergo my transplant. So on December 9th, 2011 I performed the bone marrow transplant and today I feel better. All my tests come with normal results and on December I will be going back to work.

Lizbeth, ex-leukaemia patient

Everything passes; nothing is eternal. There is no evil that lasts 100 years or body that resists it. Sometimes these things happen to us in life so that we ​​pause to reflect and think about the little things we ignore and which are really the most important. For example, to use every minute of our lives and be happy with what we have and not what we desire, and to value time with your beloved ones.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my parents, Isidro and Susana, who were with me at all times. They showed the great love they have for me and that my sadness or my falls also affect them; my brother Ronald, who gave me back my life, he gave me the best gift and the opportunity to fulfil my dreams; to my family who was with me when I needed them most; to my friends, who gave me the strength to keep fighting every day; to all the hospital staff for their help, understanding and dedication; to those who give you everything without knowing you, and particularly to our Heavenly Father who hears our prayers and supplications."


If you want more information about the donation of bone marrow to help many leukaemia patients to have the opportunity of a cure, click HERE. Remember that the donation of bone marrow is altruistic, anonymous, and universal. If you register as a bone marrow donor, you could be making a donation to a person from anywhere in the world. If you want more information, write to or call us on our free phone number (in Spain) 900 32 33 34.

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