Lucas patient 1

Lucas was a very handsome baby when he was born, 3 kilos and a half and very awake, too much for a newborn, and for us he was special without even knowing why he was going to be.

When he was only a month and a half, he began to get a rash all over his body, diarrhoea and a cold, which he could never get rid of, and all of this alarmed me.

After two months seeing different doctors, Lucas was finally admitted in the Niño Jesus Hospital in Madrid, where he was soon diagnosed with Severe combined immunodeficiency. One case in every 500 thousand and it was our own!

During the first few days we were completely devastated, the only salvation for Lucas was a bone marrow or umbilical cord transplant. They quickly tested for compatibility, but neither his brother nor ourselves were compatible, so the search began for a non-family donor through the José Carreras Foundation. After a month and a half the big news arrived. There was a unit of umbilical cord blood in Barcelona that was compatible with Lucas.

Lucas patient 3

In spite of all of the difficulties that there have been, Lucas is slowly getting better at home, thanks to his eagerness to live and his infinite smile which he kept even in the worst moments.

Thanks to the Foundation and all of the supportive donors that exist in life, because without them, everything would be much more difficult. Warmest regard to everyone and keep going!


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