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Luis’ story, ex-Acute Myeloide Leukaemia M1 patient


Luis, nowadays

"They asked me if I want to tell my story and I feel like telling it. This is for a person who I loved very much and always said "onwards and upwards". My story is short, but I do not want to linger on the negatives.

One difficult day in May 2007 they diagnosed me with Acute Myeloide Leukaemia M1...after telling me that the only possible hope was chemo, I began the ordeal. I always intended to listen to the people that have been by my side and that is what I did. They told me that there would be consequences of the chemo and indeed there were.

The process to reach remission was tough, but I got there. The transplant was carried out in La Fe Hospital in Valencia. Without going into details it was hard, but to tell the truth the Haematologists had prepared me for the process before it began.

Luis 1

Luis, during his time in hospital

As time passed there were several setbacks. However, they were overcome. Today, three years after the transplant, the bad times have not completely disappeared but they are much more infrequent. The word which is often repeated is "patient" and it is a reality, it is crucial with this disease. I am not very explicit but the bad moments should be forgotten and not kept lingering in the mind, because they only bring you bad memories. Life is hard, and this disease makes it harder still but if there is fight and science does not fail then, the match is won.

Forget the politicians who do not want to know about our disease, and to those in the media who do not write anything about our lives, we only know one way which is to live moving forward in the company of our loved ones, who we want to pamper. This is disease is clear, that if we do not fight, it takes us, but if we have a little luck and our bodies respond well, we can pass the through the other side.

To those of you who are going through this, I say to you that it is possible to beat the disease. Don't give up and fight, you will find many determined people along the way who are very prepared, but for sure you will find good people. Regards to you all and I hope very much that everything works out ok."

Luis Fernando

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