María Carmen Godayol

Message from Mª Carme Godayol, a 51 year old Hodgkin's Lymphoma patient who stayed in the Foundation's flat close to the Clinic Hospital in Barcelona.

Libro de visitas Mª Carmen Godayol

Transcript of the message:

"The 28th of September 2010, Mª Carme Godayol Subirana, born in Roda de Ter on the 15th of May 1959 and currently receiving treatment in the Clinic Hospital in Barcelona where I will undergo a bone marrow transplant after 2 years of fighting against Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

The 29th of September, the day of the general strike, Dr. Francesc Fernández came to visit her on the haematology ward where she was placed. That day the doctor had given permission to leave because the treatment wouldn't start until the following day. Both I (her sister Roser) and her husband Josep Lluís accompanied her.

The doctor explained how the transplant and subsequent home recuperation would work. From that moment we realized the advantages that this form of treatment would present: to be out of the discomfort of the hospital and far from pathogens or the virus' that exist in all hospital that are resistant to the antibiotics, and the benefit of having a team of carers who are charged with looking after the patient. However, because Mª Carme lived in Vic, the home recuperation was not a feasible option.

Facing the situation that we did, the doctor explained to us the option of a flat provided by the Carreras Foundation close to the hospital. The confidence of Dr. Francesc Fernández inspired us from the first moment and the fact that it was so close to the hospital in the event of any complication of the need to make a blood/platelet transfusion, made the decision easy for us. We want to express our profound gratitude to José Carreras Foundation because without their support with this flat none of this would have been possible. We want to congratulate all the team, medical and those at the Foundation, because with their support many families just like our have been able to recuperate in the most comfortable and humane way possible way. This method of treatment is much less traumatic for both the patient and the care team, than in a hospital room.

We will always remember this gesture and the excellent treatment that we received; from Dr. Fernández to the nursing team of Cristina Gallego, Cristina Moreno, Susana and Adela. They have all helped us through every moment. 
Finally, I want to send a message of support to all those families who follow us in staying here: never lose hope! The climb is hard but if you are positive, perseverant, and put yourselves completely in the hands of such a wonderful medical team, then you will reach the summit.
Thank you everyone.

Mª Carme, Roser and Josep Lluís (21st of October 2010)

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