María Paredes Campillo

María Paredes died in Barcelona on the 22nd of November after a long illness that caused her to stay in hospital for a whole year.

Diego, her partner, cared for her and was permanently at her side until the last moment. Three years before, they had met fortuitously in Calella de Mar and had been inseparable ever since.

When she passed away at the age of 72 she was remembered as a good person, happy and full of life. Of her previous life, we know very little as she preferred to live very much in the present, forgetting the hardships of the past. It seems that she grew up in a Nuns hospice, which greatly influenced her rebellious and adventurous character. She married several times and divorced just as many. She had no children, but invested all her love in a goddaughter that she supported until one day, she felt let down by her so much that the relationship was ended. Her maternal frustration led her to bequeath her possessions to children suffering from leukaemia.

Loneliness was her only companion until she met Diego and despite her age she was still an attractive woman, very pleasant and with a good figure. The spark that ignited in both of them was instant and without hesitation. He left his family and she relinquished her house in Calella de Mar, as they set up a new home in Barcelona. Together they enjoyed two marvelous years full of activities such as dancing, walking, and going out with friends. Sadly María's illness meant that they had to give up many of these pursuits. One year after the death of Maria, Diego also passed away.

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