Mario Salvia Serret

Mario was born in Mollerusa, Lleida on the 21st of September 1933, but he lived practically all of his life in Barcelona, where he died on the 30th of May 2007.

As a man who was protective of his privacy, Mario lived a prudent and austere life. He was proudly Catalan, a great lover of knowledge, a free thinker and extremely generous to others. He dedicated his professional life to the world of business and his personal pursuits included reading, going to the cinema, travelling, and anything related to working with his hands.

He knew about the illness of leukaemia, but the fact that he personally suffered from the disease made him realize the fundamental role that the José Carreras Foundation has played in making scientific progress and improving the lives of those who suffer from leukaemia. This realization prompted him to leave part of his inheritance to the Foundation.

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