Marta donant

"I think I will always remember the day when, during college, I received a call telling me that there was a person who needed my bone marrow in order to survive.

I was amazed, it is so hard to find someone compatible with your bone marrow and I was, yes, I, I had the appropriate bone marrow that would save someone's life.  Still today, as much as I repeatedly tell myself, I still cannot believe that destiny gave me such an opportunity. The truth is, I registered in the donor's bank without really thinking about what I was doing, conceiving that it was very improbable that I would someday receive a call. But I was wrong and two years later I received a phone call that changed two lives, the patient's and mine. The José Carreras Foundation contacted me and after that everything was quick and easy.

I have to admit that I was scared, of course I was. I have never suffered from health issues, neither have I had operations or any serious illness and, therefore, I am not very used to the hospital world and the white coats. Also, it is hard to be completely sure that you have taken the right choice when your family and friends tell you: "Are you going to do it? You are crazy, I wouldn't do it. It's so scary!" I chose to donate through the peripheral blood method, and the previous treatment was quite tough for me. There were nights where the cramps and the fears in my mind made me unable to sleep, but then I would think about the person who would receive my marrow and their family. I would imagine their faces and recreate in my head the moment when they would receive the great news that they had found compatible bone marrow. I would see their smiles, their hugs, and all of my fears would instantly fade away.

I imagine that, as human beings, it is normal to feel scared and think about the possible negative consequences of everything we do, but all of the fears become meaningless when we remember it is a person's life that is in our hands.

The day finally came, I went to the La Princesa Hospital and I went through with my donation by aphaeresis. I spent seven hours in the hospital bed distracting my head and my absurd thoughts; and, finally, everything was over. I haven't been able to find words since then to explain how I felt. It was such a weird feeling! I couldn't define my state because it was strange even for me. Never had I felt anything similar and never will I feel it again. To save someone's life by giving only a small effort, has been the most incredible and grateful experience in my life. And now I am sure that, whatever happens, I will never regret what I did. For this reason, I want to encourage everyone to do what I did; because all of the fears, doubts and worries we may have, disappear when you get a person to keep on living and enjoying life thanks to you."


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