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My name is Martha, I am 19 years old and the 8th of July 2005 I was diagnosed Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Back then I was 12 years old. Everything started because since 2004 I had been bruising a lot for no apparent reason. I went with my mother to the doctor in Fuenlabrada, but he gave it no importance. That was it until in June of that same year I got pneumonia, a very strange thing since I had not had a cold or anything that could cause it. After a week at home we saw that the bruises got worse, until we finally got a petition for an analytic.

The same day of the analytic they called my sister; I had to go urgently to Severo Ochoa Hospital to retake the analytic because the results were very alarming. From that hospital I was sent to paediatric oncology in 12 de Octubre Hospital in Madrid.

At first I had a very hard time, I was angry at everything, I wanted to go home and I didn't understand why I had to be held there. But one day I changed my way of thinking, something inside my head clicked and I understood (although I was very young) that I had to deal with things positively not only for me, but for my family who was always by my side and suffered with me.

I started with chemotherapy and luckily everything went fine. I met a lot of people; many stories with which I could feel identified, for those people were suffering from a disease as huge as mine. More than friends they became like brothers, I shared my life with all of them and, like that, I was able to beat leukaemia slowly. At the end of the tunnel there is always that light and, nowadays, you can beat this; cancer is no longer a synonym for death, but for fighting and overcoming difficulties.

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Even after seven years I still attend my haematological check-ups and now I can see things from the other side of the bed, for since this happened to me I decided to study nursing. I would like to thank my family and friends for they have always been with me and also the doctors and nurses at 12 de octubre Hospital for all of the care and attention that they gave me and still give me... Also, thank you to all of the people, both the ones I know as the ones I don't, who have donated blood at some point and I want to say how important how important it is for people to become donors, both of blood and of bone marrow and organs. I have seen a lot of people get cured thanks to the help of some anonymous soul.

Warm regards for all of those who have suffered from a problem of this kind and for their families.



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