Martin Theobald

Message from Martin, a 49 year old myeloma multiple patient after his stay in the flat near Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, this year.

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"Having a disease like a multiple myeloma is a big strike not only for the patient, but also for family and friends. It is not easy for a foreigner, even living for so many years in Catalonia to go through all this, away from your home. But I'm glad to have had the experience of meeting so many wonderful people during the treatment. Doctors, nurses, the Reiki team at the hospital, and last but not least the Jose Carreras Foundation. Having the chance to change the place and to recover in a flat next to the hospital is an inestimable contribution to a quick recovery.

Many, many thanks, and a big hug to all the people involved in my treatment."

Transcription of the message that his wife left:

"There are no words to express the infinite gratitude that my husband (multiple myeloma patient) and I feel towards to the medical and nursery team at Hospital Clinic, as well as the Jose Carreras Foundation, which with its labor helps us to keep hope.

To all the families that will stay at this flat, remember that you are in the best hands. Only with happiness and optimism it is easier to get through hard times brought by the disease.

After rain, comes sunshine."

Martin Theobald.

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