Mirta and Dani

Letter from Mirta and her husband Dani, an ex-Multiple myeloma patient, to the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital in Badalona “Can Ruti” and the José Carreras Foundation

In the general rhythm of life, I never thought that we were going to meet, know and love so many caring and wonderful professionals working in the hospital. I wanted to be brief but I do not know if it is possible...there are many people who I do not know the name of but they are always in my heart.

My husband, Dani, fell ill...I am not sure how it happened because he always was, is, and will be a strong person and a fighter.

We arrived at the 4th floor, with Dr. Heras and her team. I will never forget when she said: "you won't leave here until we find out what you have" - thanks Dr. Heras. Unfortunately the diagnosis was not very favorable... MULTIPLE MYELOMA. That is how we came to arrive on the 6th floor of the building which focused on maternity and chemotherapy... a big thank you to all the team there who treated us: Dr. Xicoy, Dr. Sancho, and of course Dr. Oriol and his huge patience.


Microscopic image of the cells of a patient suffering from multiple mieloma

After several cycles of chemo the time for the transplant arrived, on the 13th floor of the hospital financed by the José Carreras Foundation. He went into hospital on the 8th of August and the transplant took place on the 13th. As a coincidence that happened to be the 4th birthday of our granddaughter Leyre. All this affected her a lot, because there in the ward, behind the glass, was her "Lolo". The time on the 13th floor was hard, but my word what wonderful people attended my husband! I always told them that if they have a complaints form then they should also have a gratitude form. Thank you to the cleaning ladies and Manoli for the warm infusions and hugs that you gave me. The positivity that you gave me helped me to believe that everything would be alright.

Thank you to the nurses, Esther, Marta and the rest... and to my adopted son from Malaga, Mario, for forcing me to eat and for being there in an instant every time Dani needed him. A huge thank also to Dr. Daniel Esteban for his explanations in the more delicate moments, and also to Dr. Vives for her patience with so many questions...to my psychologist Sonia, for holding my hand when Dr. Sancho told that things were turning delicate once more...thank you for being so clear. Thank you to Dr. Montserrat, for her kindness and words of encouragement...to Dr. Abert Pérez, who already knew about my health, and with complete love and respect said that I resembled Luisma from the series Aída, thank you. Thank you also to Dr. Alexandra, who was always there when they let him go home, when we called for fevers and other small worries...

Now you see why I cannot be brief...

One week after discharge, we were back in A & E... and this time he was sent to the 10th floor. Thank you to everyone! Dr. Oriol, apart from you great professionalism, you are a wonderful and humane person, NEVER CHANGE, your laughter is contagious!! Thank you for assisting me every time I gestured with my hand to rob 5 minutes of your time.

Today, Dani is recuperating well...Thanks to all of you and his strength to live.

I want you to all know how deeply I missed my family who were so far away "across the pond", but I know that thanks to God you were all with me. I am Mirta and I have been living here 27 years.

José Carreras, I want you to know for my part and on behalf of my family, that you do not only have some great professionals, but also some wonderful and humane people in your Foundation...and if there exists one word to describe what you have done for me and my husband then let me say it.

Thank you with all my heart and for the rest of my life I will be eternally grateful.

Auxiliaries, cleaning staff, nurses, doctors...If God exists, he is in CAN RUTI!! A huge thank you!

Mirta Velázquez Pereyra

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