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"Hello, my name is Montse and I want to tell you about my personal experience: This is my 14th year of a new life. I have just turned 40. Like so many of us who have had to go through an experience as brutal as this one, cancer caught me completely off guard. Before being diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia), I went through a life or death operation because of a ruptured ovarian cyst. Once my illness was detected and the formal process of cycles began, I was operated for pericarditis, I had low blood pressure which I was hardly able to survive, endless and unbearable pain, 3 catheters in less than 8 months due to various infections ... And, at the end of this tough treatment with, at times, all sorts of unexpected side effects, there, waiting for me, was the unconditional generosity of my beloved sister Mª Jesús and her marrow donation. My transplant had to be carried out against the clock because, at the time, my sister was pregnant with my beloved niece Raquel. Before she was born, this child knew she had a very important thing to do in her life: "be born a month early, and in good health, so that her mother could recover as soon as possible in order to donate her marrow to me". After the transplant, life was by no means easy. For days, weeks and months it was a real struggle to cope with the threatening side effects. I have had to deal with some of them for years. My left hip was severely damaged due massive doses of corticosteroids, after my initial bone marrow rejection. Those were not easy times, it is true, but what I wondered about, day after day, was, how come I am here and others are not?

A year ago, I decided to have an operation to implant a hip prosthesis, despite the doctors' disapproval because of my age. Since then, and after the first months of recovery, my life has completely changed: I have ridden a bicycle again after 14 years; I do yoga and go swimming, go for walks without having to sit on a bench every five minutes or finding myself unable to move. I have regained the joy to live, a wish to face new projects ... Until my hip surgery I had travelled and worked, but always with limitations and pain. Nowadays, however, I wake up every morning knowing that my "alien" has totally adapted to my body. This allows me to enjoy every moment of my life even further and look out onto the world with humility and gratitude.

My life plan: TO LIVE!!!!

For those of you who are in the midst of a battle, please receive a warm embrace and I wish that you have lots of strength and hope to face each day. The sun also rises for us every day".


Paciente Montse 1
Montse with her sister MªJesús

Paciente Montse 2

Montse after her transplant

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