News - Building Campus GTiP

News November 2015

Building work:

  • Almost all the prefabricated GRC panels on the east and north facades, as well as the central atrium, have been installed. Progress has been made on the installation of windows on the main, south-facing curtain-wall.
  • The interior isolation of the facades has been completed and work is continuing on interior cladding with plasterboard.
  • Most of the interior partition structures have been installed and on the first floor work has commenced on the installation of the partition panels.
  • Work on the ceilings has proceeded according to plan.


  • The machinery and finishes for all the lifts are almost completed.
  • Work has commenced on the interior gas installations.
  • Work on channelling, cabling and conduits is almost complete and the installation of terminal elements has commenced.
  • Work is progressing on the installation of the boiler room and main pump room (rooftop).
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