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New scientific paper about lymphoblastic leukaemia with MLL-AF4 fusion

MLL-AF4 translocation is the genetic marker that characterises acute lymphoblastic leukaemia B (ALL-B) which is especially aggressive, commonly affects children under the age of one, and which responds poorly to treatment with chemotherapy, survival rates for this disease being less than 30%.


Alejandra Sanjuan

The Stem Cell, Mesenchymal Cancer and Development Group has published a new scientific article on infantile acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in cells t (4; 11) / MLL-AF4 + B in the prestigious journal Blood

This particular article, under the direction of Dr. Sanjuan-Pla, focuses on what is known about this form of leukaemia, some of the particular characteristics of studying a disease that appears in such young patients, and goes on to mention what the group hopes will be the result of the application of new technologies in this field of research. 


The IJC's Clara Bueno receives funding of €150,000 from the AECC Foundation!

On 23 September Clara Bueno took part in an official event, organised by the AECC and presided by Queen Letizia at the Burgos Evolution Forum, at which she was awarded €150,000 over three years to fund the project entitled “Genome and Cell Reconstruction of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in breast-feeding babies with reordered MLL4F4".

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