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Do you know which is the largest organ in the human body? The endothelium, a group of cells that line the inside of every one of our veins, arteries and capillaries and which, therefore, reaches all over our body. Today, we know it has a great number of roles and has to do with most of the diseases we can suffer. Dr Enric Carreras, director of REDMO and IJC researcher, and his team, present an article with which you will better understand the importance of the endothelium and the work being carried out in research towards the prevention and treatment of diseases caused by an alteration in this organ. +info 

Fumi Bushbeck newsletter interna

Starting this February, two new teams lead by researchers Dr Marcus Bushbeck and Dr Fumiichiro Yamamoto, both of whom come from the IMPPC, have joined the ICO-Germans Trias i Pujol Campus of the IJC. We welcome them! +info on their projects 

Edifici Campus ICO per newsletter febrer
Phase 1 of the building in the ICO-Germans Trias I Pujol Campus is underway!

Phase 1 of the building in the ICO-Germans Trias I Pujol Campus, part of our research institute, is underway. As you know, during 2014 we were able to complete the building, and Phase 1 of the construction of the Campus was awarded through public tender to ACR Construction Company, an entity that has authored buildings such as the CIMA centre of biomedical research in the University of Navarra in Pamplona. In addition, Agefred, a world-renowned organization for complex health and research constructions, was awarded with building the facilities. This phase of the construction will consist in the installation and equipping of all the common services (technical infrastructure, air conditioning, gases, supplies, library, conference room, dinning room, entrances), the closing of the perimeter of the façades and ceilings and the adaptation of the building as a workspace of up to 50% of the available space for laboratories in each of the three floors that will harbour them. The rest of the space, potentially useful for laboratories, will be reserved for future expansion. This way, as the IJC grows, setting up the furniture and final technical infrastructure will suffice, and it won’t be necessary to disturb the on-going work taking place at the centre. It is an important step to move towards the launching of the new Campus building in the summer of 2016.  

Deustche José Carreras Leukamie Stiftung

Remember you can file suggestions for project funding for our sister entity in Munich. Now is the best time to prepare this kind of applications, which can be handed in until the 31st of October. The project must be designed and developed in joint effort between one of our teams and a well-known German team. The DJCLS Scientific Committee assesses and prioritizes the projects. The final decision and communication of which projects are chosen, usually takes place in May. Up to now, four projects at the IJC have already managed to benefit from this funding. The total amount of the projects that received it is of over 800,000€. + info

Bon Preu
46,000€ to continue fighting leukaemia thanks to the Bon Preu group

Wewon’t tire of thanking companies such as the Bon Preu food company. Last 17th of February the vice-president of the company, Mr Josep Font, came to our Foundation and gave Mr Josep Carreras a very special donation: the 46,034.1€ gathered by their clients through the company’s loyalty programme. We thank Bon Preu and all their clients who have collaborated so together we continue to be UNSTOPPABLE against leukaemia! 

coordinadora de fundacions
Foundations for science

The Catalan Foundation Coordinator has set up a team for science, research and technology foundations. The FIJC is part of it, together with the ICFO Foundation, the Parc Taulí Foundation and the Research Foundation from the Barcelona Technical College. The goal of the promoters is to share views and experiences related to common interests, collaborate with the government in the implementation of public policies to do with promoting science, as well as transferring knowledge and encouraging interest in science. The team’s first tasks have been to develop a very basic first survey between the best-known foundations. Also, a Conference exploring topics such as professional researchers career development, taxes and VAT in our field and science divulgation is being prepared.

Foro Niño Jesús
“Paediatric cancer research: more information and new challenges” forum, at the Niño Jesús Hospital in Madrid.

Professor Evarist Feliu, vice-president of the Josep Carreras Foundation, presented the work at IJC at the “Paediatric cancer research: more information and new challenges” forum organised by the Niño Jesús Children’s University Hospital in Madrid last week. This conference is a knowledge and experience exchange platform, not only about research but also about the social aspects that surround this disease, with which assisting organizations have first hand experience. Representatives of entities such as the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), the Spanish paediatric association (AEP), the Spanish Federation of Parents of Children with Cancer, the Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation, the Aladina Foundation or the Uno entre Cien mil Foundation participated in the meeting, among many others. 

reforma fiscal

You can now read all the information on the recent tax modifications, now more beneficial for charitable people. +info

Gastronomia solidaria
Solidary gastronomy

We want to introduce solidary proposals for the benefit of our Foundation that will begin in March before time because, if you are interested, you can keep it in mind if you go out for lunch or supper. In first place, we have Restaurant Lover Week, an campaign in which the Josep Carreras Foundation is participating, which offers menus for 25€ in high-end restaurants in Barcelona and Madrid. This promotion will take place between the 13th and the 22nd of March and will donate 1€ for every menu they sell. Starting in March, you will be able to check out the list of restaurants on the organization’s website. On the other hand, the Tourism and Commerce Business Association of Palamós will launch the campaign DeNit+QueTapes (At Night, more than just Tapas) between the 7th of March and the 6th of June, through which many restaurants in the town will offer a 21€ menu from which 1€ will be donated to the Josep Carreras Foundation. 


As you can imagine, celebrating “Saint Valentine” at the Josep Carreres Foundation against leukaemia is not particularly interesting because, as most people do, we believe love, hope and support should be expressed every day… BUT, after watching the video our dear collaborator and ex-patient Yolanda Martínez Santiago posted on the website of a well-known magazine… we would celebrate it ONE AND A THOUSAND TIMES! Don’t miss it, it will brighten your day! +info