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Dr. Petriz newsletter gener

Starting this January, the IJC will have a new high-profile research team focused on flow cytometry, which will add important experience and great recognition in the field, brought by biologist Dr. Jordi Petriz. +info

Campus Clínic Precipita newsletter gener

Dr. Pablo Menéndez and his team are hard at work on studying a certain type of childhood leukaemia with prenatal origin: lymphoblastic pro-B leukaemia in lactating children, a very bad prognosis childhood cancer. For the last few days, this project has been on the crowdfunding site looking to obtain microdonations. Precipita is a platform promoted by the Spanish Foundation of Science and Technology, FECYT, whose goal is to bring researchers and people interested in science together. You mustn’t miss the video and project details! +info (available in Spanish)

Dr. Ribera newsletter gener

Dr. Josep Mª Ribera has very recently taken part in a worldwide clinical trial as an IJC researcher for the evaluation of a treatment with a new drug, blinatumomab, in acute Precursor B-cell lymphoblastic leukaemia patients in relapse. Thanks to the results of this study, recently published in Lancet Oncology, in which 189 ill adults from different international centres have taken part, the American Drug agency (FDA) approved its standard use a few weeks ago. +info

Dr. Oriol newsletter gener

Dr. Albert Oriol, ICO haematologist and researcher for the Josep Carreras Institute takes part in a new international clinical trial, recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine medical journal. In it, 792 multiple myeloma patients in relapse have been included. A third drug has been added (carfilzomib) to the combination (lenalidomide and dexamethasone) they usually receive. This variation prolonged the time of response to the treatment before the following relapse by more than half a year. +info

REDMO newsletter gener
Donor Registry activity data summary for 2014

As we do every year, we want to share some of the more relevant data of the Bone Marrow Donor Registry during 2014 with the team. The complete 2014 REDMO Report will be available shortly on the Foundation’s website, but we can offer some anticipated data at this moment.


Regarding bone marrow donors, during 2014 32,528 new donors have signed up for REDMO (26% more than last year), reaching more than 164,700 donors in Spain by the end of the year. It should be noted that the main age range of new donors is 31-40 years old, the youngest being (18-30) in the second age range.

This fact is important, for it represents a certain rejuvenation of the registry and, the lower the age of the donor is, the lower the risk of complications during the transplant and the higher the survival rate is.

Regarding transplants, during 2014, 468 unrelated haematopoietic progenitor transplants have taken place in Spain (79 bone marrow transplants, 284 peripheral blood transplants and 89 cord blood transplants) and 16 lymphocyte transfusions. The product of 42 of these came from Spanish donors too. During the same period, 80 people have performed the donation, 43 of them for national patients and 37 for foreigners.  


SCU newsletter gener
The EMDISCord connexion is now active

Towards the end of 2012, together with other international registries, REDMO started a pilot test to get a new platform going. Its objective was to improve the speed with which doctors in hospitals who request it are offered the data on the best cord transplant units.


Until then, REDMO, like the other registries, only had basic information on all foreign cords. With the creation of the EMDISCord platform, that has just been completed, the registries in Spain, the United States, Italy and France share their databases so they can access, with a single click, all the available information on each cord: HLA typing, cellularity, blood type, CFU colony counts (direct estimation of how the cord will proliferate in the patient’s body), unit harvest date, number of bags in which it is stored and freezing procedure. This way, the doctor who needs a compatible unit for a patient can select very quickly the best units for their subsequent delivery.

Both the research coordinators who select cords and the doctors now have the immediate information on more than 282,000 units within their reach: 156,122 in the United States, 32,845 in Italy, 33,531 in France and more than 60,437 Spanish ones. This accessibility and the fact that Spanish banks have units with haplotypes that can prove very useful worldwide, brings us to anticipate an increase in national unit exports,for Spain is the sixth country in the world with the most haplotype diversity.


Bon Preu newsletter gener
Bon Preu renews their agreement as a contributing corporation in the struggle against leukaemia

For another year, Bon Preu has confirmed its contribution with the Josep Carreras Foundation in the struggle against leukaemia. For years now, they have been contributing by giving us the points their clients gather through their loyalty programmes. This support has represented more than 46,000€ during 2014. Thank you Bon Preu!


Zumba newsletter gener
Charity events and original ways to contribute, December 2014

Every month very many people suggest charity events to do their bit in the struggle against leukaemia. Some are companies; some are private individuals who contribute through their hobby. Many are related to sports or crafts… We are truly proud to know there are great many people who DON’T STOP against leukaemia and contribute in original and effective ways to our cause. As we always say, EVERYTHING COUNTS, and we are very proud of our contributors. THANK YOU!!!!! This December all these organizations and private citizens have helped us through charity activities +info (available in Catalan)

Marta newsletter gener
New addition to the Foundation’s Media Department

This January, Marta Fernández has joined the Foundation’s Media and E-Marketing Department. Marta has a degree in Media Studies and more than 12 years of experience in advertising production and event planning. Aside from her professional profile, she likes hiking, the cinema and the theatre. You can reach her via e-mail at and at 93 414 55 66. Welcome Marta!