Paciente Noé 1

Noé and company during his stay in hospital

"Hello. My name is Luis Noé de la Cruz and I'm from Jalisco, Mexico. On 20th September 2009, my life was turned around. I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia, with 62 % malignant cells. For a month I had to stay in hospital and was very frail, but thanks to the chemotherapy sessions, I can say now that I am in FULL REMISSION!

My life plan is to go on with my prefessional projects. I'm a systems engineer and have just started a new project to help people with cancer. I want to help and advise them. It is with faith and strength that one pushes ahead. I also want to get married and go back to my normal life. Take heart, everyone!"


Help people like Noé by becoming a member of the cure for leukaemia and haematological malignacies, HERE.  You will help us to continue our research so that one day these diseases will be 100% curable.  With only a little you can do so much. Thank you!

Find out more about bone marrow donation, HERE

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