It all started on a beautiful Sunday in November 2010, when my right leg and my arm began to numb. No one in the hospital noticed that I hadn’t have a good picture of the blood. I did several tests and, in March 2011, a sympathetic hematologist who observed my findings from the laboratory, asked me if, after bathing, I used to itch my skin, and said immediately: it is polycythemia. I had no idea what that was. They did me a bone marrow biopsy immediately. I had to accept the weight of the diagnosis when I looked at the Internet at home. I read everything I could find, and I was devastated. My value system has completely changed. Materialistic things are not important to me and I do not get nervous about the trivialities, it is much more important the peace in my family.

Thank God, I found other sick people who have had years of therapy and are asymptomatic. I've been going to blood tests every two weeks since then. It turns out positive for the JAK2 bone marrow biopsy. I started taking medications in April, when platelets amounted to 691. The medications I took it’s a bit scaring. About the effect of interferon, I read a lot and everyone complained about serious side effects. The only available medicine in Hungary is LITALIR. Western Europe is more familiar with hydroxyurea. According to the prospect, it was not very promising. I thought a lot of opportunities in a Sunday night, and I took the first capsule. I woke up in the morning, quiet, there were no side effects. I was taking 3 capsules per day during 15 days and no side effects were observed, but the number of platelets was 337.

In the last 18 months, I was able to reduce the dose constantly, and now I take 6 capsules. Anyone can become jealous of my results from blood tests, only one function of the gene is artificially controlled. The latest results were: WBC 6.9, RBC 4.8, PLT 424.

I started looking for what I can do to improve my condition. Blood cells break down in the liver, so I try to minimize liver burden and let it do its job without disturbing. Before that, I did not drink much alcohol, but since then I do not drink anything alcoholic. I am trying to avoid preservatives and fatty foods. I control the density of the blood with an adequate consumption of hydration (water) and good eating habits. I tested the consumption of deuterium water reduced, but there was no effect. However, antioxidants helped me, for example, eating prunes, raisins, and dried blueberries. It is also important to do some kind of sport suitable for circulation. In the last five years, I have practiced archery.

My condition is now stable. I consider myself healthy, if you ignore the small fact of taking me the capsules. Medical checks have also been reduced, although the doctor is very nice and I can talk to him at all.

That’s all for now. I hope everyone gets better!

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