Pilar Giménez Gascón

The daughter of a military officer, Pilar Giménez was born in Tetuán, but after a very short time the family relocated to Ceuta.

She was the youngest of two children and as the apple of her father's eye he who would often take her to the military academy to go horse riding. It was at the academy that she met her first husband, also a military man, with whom she was married for 18 years.

After studying to be a teacher, she worked in the Escuela Nacional de Ceuta, and later in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria when her husband was promoted to Colonel. During her time in this city she left a good impression on many people; often returning during the summer to visit friends she had made.

Following her divorce from her first husband she remarried a police inspector who had also been separated. Pilar finally settled in Algeciras to be close to her parents, and there she continued working as a teacher in several schools until illness forced her into early retirement.

Pilar had a strong character and she was disciplined, extrovert, thoughtful and smiling until she passed away at the age of 62. She was very beautiful blonde woman, with spectacular green eyes. House chores did not draw much appeal to Pilar, instead she preferred to read and to go out with friends. She also loved to travel but her biggest weakness was children. Although she had no children of her own she acted as a second mother to many of her students. Her special sensitivity to the infant world was one of the principal reasons that she made a visit to children in Barcelona, who like her, suffered from leukaemia. She had absolutely no doubts that she wanted to leave all her assets to them.

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