Pilar Rocafull

Message from Pilar, a 46 year old Acute Myeloid Leukaemia patient. She stayed in the José Carreras Foundation's flat close to the Clinic Hospital in Barcelona in April 2011.

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Transcript of the message:

Message from Pilar's daughter Judit: "I am Judit, I 10 years old and my mother has leukaemia. I am really grateful for the friendliness of the nurses and the comfort of this flat. It has been great to be here for three weeks to be able to be close to my Mum. It was just like being at home, but if anything happened we would be very close to the hospital. Thanks to the José Carreras Foundation and to Concepció Llauradó".

Message from Pilar: "Thank you so much to the Foundation, to Dr. Francesc Fernández and the nurses; Cristina (from Seville), Cristina (from Barcelona), Adela, and Susana for their priceless dedication. It has been a luxury to be here, Thank you very much". 

Pilar Rocafull

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