Ramon Pujolboira's Graphic work

This portfolio of the collection of original print works contains an engraving by the artist Ramon Pujolboira. The work has been created using a combination of etching and aquatint techniques. The engraving was executed on two sheets of copper and has been printed on 250gsm Somerset Velvet paper. The dimensions of the work are 53,5x71 cm.

As in previous portfolios, the work is accompanied by a text signed by José Carreras. It also includes an additional text on the work, written and signed by the art critic Juan Gil Gregorio.

Ramon Pujolboira (Barcelona, 1949) was educated at the Massana School in Barcelona. During a previous stay in Paris, he attended a variety of workshops and studied at the Ville Higher Institute of Design and Painting while working as a copyist at the Louvre Museum. His work includes engravings and murals and is characterized by a style of drawing at once concise while far removed from any decorative function and he is renowned for his austere use of colour. He has also worked with oil on canvas and Gouache on paper and has illustrated a number of books. His work has been shown throughout Europe.

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