Foto Raúl donante de médula ósea

"It was very exciting; truth is that it is not every day that you can collaborate in the recovery of a person".  This is how Raul, a 39 year old from Madrid, remembers the moment he received the call from our Foundation which announced him he was compatible with a patient who needed his bone marrow.

Raul and his two brothers, Javier and Rafael, registered themselves as bone marrow donors when the son of some friends of theirs was diagnosed with leukaemia. In 2010, from REDMO we called his brother Javier so that he would donate his bone marrow. A year later, in January 2011, it was Raul who effected his donation. "In my family we kid around with my older brother, Rafael, about being his turn to donate next year", commented Raul.

We asked Raul how he felt the day of the donation. He knew exactly what to answer: "my feelings were on edge; I was very excited, happy and prayed for everything to go well for the receptor. I thought a lot about the family; specially because where I was interned there were sick people in a similar situation and their families, when they worried about me and learnt I wasn't there because I was sick but to make a donation, said beautiful things to me that almost made me cry".

Thank you Raul (and Javi) for your solidarity!

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