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The Marrow of a Brave Boy

Raúl is from San Fernando (Cádiz) and was born in 2005. When he was just 3, he was diagnosed with an acute myeloid leukaemia. After many months of treatment and chemotherapy, his doctors finally decided that he needed a bone marrow transplant. Since neither his sister Yolanda nor his parents were compatible with him, the hospital asked the Josep Carreras Foundation to look for an unrelated donor.

Paciente Raúl 1

Paciente Raúl 2

Paciente Raúl 3

Raúl, when receiving treatment

As with any request, the Registry of Bone Marrow Donors (REDMO) of the Josep Carreras Foundation began to search amongst the 18 million donors in the world and located a compatible German donor for Raúl. The child underwent this medical intervention in 2009.

Paciente Raúl 4

Paciente Raúl 5
Raúl and Yoli, his sister

At the time, Raúl's plan, for when he grew up, was ... to be Buzz Lightyear! Now, surely, he must have slightly "changed" his plans but undoubtedly he is still a brave boy.

Paciente Raúl 6

Buzz Lightyear, the astronaut, from "Toy Story"

His father, Pablo, member and collaborator of the Foundation, remembers fondly Raúl's first day of school. "He wasn't able to start school when he was old enough to do so because the disease made its appearance. It was two years and 4 days later that he went to school for the first time!" That day, Raúl's parents were concerned in case he hurt himself in the playground but, as Pablo explains, Raúl reacted as though he had been going all his life. "Once in school, he greeted his class mates, stood in line and started to play with two boys who were close by, he greeted a girl ... all natural to a child. In the meantime I found it difficult to watch him and hold back my tears. Yolanda went to the older student's playground with her usual sense of responsibility, far too high for a girl of 9 ... On his return, his first injuries (elbow and knees), he pushed a child whilst running because he was cheating, and they both fell..., his first telling off at home (for having done so), although I felt happy about it all", explains Pablo.

Paciente Raúl 7

Raúl with all his family

Paciente Raúl 8

Raúl, now

Time has gone by and Raúl lives a life like any other child of his age but he will always have something "different" in him: a marrow belonging to a German who saved his life and will always enable him fight bravely.

Click HERE if you want to read the whole of Raúl's story in the blog written by his father, during treatment.

Help people like Raúl by becoming a member of the cure for leukaemia and haematological malignacies, HERE.  You will help us to continue our research so that one day these diseases will be 100% curable.  With only a little you can do so much. Thank you!

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