REDMO Annual report 2010

Find out more about the activities of the Spanish Bone Marrow Registry during 2010.

It is our pleasure to share the annual report of the Bone Marrow Donor's Registry (REDMO) activities with you. The report details all the activities carried out by the entity of the José Carreras Foundation against Leukaemia during 2010.

REDMO report

The 2010 REDMO report includes the following details, and much more:

-Throughout 2010, 8,175 people became bone marrow donors in Spain taking the total number of donors nationally to 86,000. Of this total, 39 people were called upon to carry out their donation to patients from all over the world.

- Throughout the year we also collected and stored 5,767 umbilical cord blood units in the Spanish public reserves. Thus, there are now more than 47,000 umbilical cords available in Spain for patients that need them. Our country is currently 5th in the world in terms of the number of stored units of hematopoietic stem cells.

-During the past year REDMO has initiated 768 searches for a compatible donor around the world. These searches facilitated the realization of 404 transplants in Spain, between unrelated donors and patients.

We encourage you to download the REDMO Annual report 2010 to find more interesting information.

We hope that you find this report interesting and if you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on (0034) 900 32 33 34 or by email at

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