Robert Vandereycken's Graphic work

This portfolio in the collection of original print works from contemporary painters was presented in January 2006. The portfolio was comprised of a lithographprint created by the Belgian artist Robert Vandereycken who personally donated the work to the José Carreras Foundation with the aim of raising funds for the fight against leukaemia.

Alongside the work, the portfolio contains original signed texts from José Carreras and the art critic Conchita Oliver.

The dimensions of the print are 75 x 53 cm and it was printed in a limited edition of 75 copies numbered 1/75 through 75/75.

Robert Vandereycken was born in Hasselt (Belgium) in 1933. He was educated at the Higher Institute for Visual Arts in Liège, the Higher Institute "La Cambre" in Brussels (with Paul Delvaux) and in the National Institute for Drawing in Brussels. In 1962 he became professor of the Academy of Fine Art in Hasselt and in 1975, director of the centre. He is the founder of the "Helikon" movement and group of artists and of the "Helikon Kwartet".

Robert Vandereycken is an artist whose work knows no bounds. He is a draughtsman, print maker, painter and sculptor and a master of all disciplines. He also works as an illustrator, potter and jewellery designer. The characteristic theme of his work is the poetical and lyrical vibrancy of the subject in question.

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