Regarding Multiple Myeloma and taking advantage of time

When we visited the Joan XXIII hospital with Dr. Contreras, we had the fortune to meet Rosa Maria, a dear patient on an isolation ward in the Haemotology unit.

Rosa María

Sixty year old, Rosa Maria had just undergone an autologous bone marrow transplant when we met her. Although she was still isolated 5 days after the transplant, she was doing well and was really enthusiastic about going home to be with her husband and daughter.

In December 2008, Rosa Mª had a strong pain in her bones, especially in her left arm, to the point that she could not sustain it any longer. Thinking that she had a strong form of tendinitis, she decided to go to A&E one day when she could not take any more. The diagnosis was devastating: multiple myeloma and immediate hospitalization.

Rosa María 2

After cycles of chemo and treatment, she told us with tears in her eyes, that she wanted to return to her normal life and make the most of her time. She told us that she has enjoyed life and that it breaks her heart to see children suffering a haemotalogical/ontological disease, and she is determined to enjoy her own 4 children and 6 grandchildren. She must have wonderful children from the way she talks about them. It is obvious that she loves them a lot and that they are giving her all the support in the world.

Her plan is to make the most of life, to be with her children and grandchildren and maybe, who knows take a little IMSERSO trip with her husband.

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